Current recall: Plastic parts are contained in Lindt chocolate

Current recall: Plastic parts are contained in Lindt chocolate

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Lindt calls milk chocolate back for plastic parts

Lindt & Sprüngli Schweiz AG has started a recall for a batch of chocolate milk "Bretzel" (100g). According to the company, it cannot be excluded that there are plastic parts in the chocolate.

Possibly plastic parts in the "Milch Bretzel" chocolate bar

Lindt & Sprüngli Schweiz AG is recalling a batch of 100g of "Milch Bretzel" chocolate bar. "Based on a consumer note and extensive internal investigations, it cannot be ruled out that in a few bars (<10) of the production batch (L2979) of chocolate bar" Milch Bretzel "100g, small plastic pieces of a packaging accessory can be found," the company wrote in a customer information.

Affected product should not be consumed

Lindt & Sprüngli Schweiz AG asks all consumers not to consume the affected products with the batch number - LOT code: L2979 and the best before date 31/01/2020.

According to the information, the product will be withdrawn from the market immediately.

“Consumers who have the affected product at home can bring it back to the appropriate point of sale and get the sales price refunded. Even without presenting the receipt, ”says the manufacturer.

Foreign bodies in food

In food production, due to errors in the manufacturing processes, contamination or foreign bodies such as aluminum or plastic residues can occur again and again.

Foreign bodies in food can cause many different injuries and complaints.

Depending on the size, nature and material of the swallowed body, chewing injuries can occur in the mouth and throat.

Depending on the size, swallowed plastic parts can block the esophagus or the digestive organs.

If smaller parts remain in the body, they can sometimes cause inflammation. Digestion or stomach problems and internal injuries cannot be excluded.

It can become especially dangerous if the objects are glass. (ad)

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